BBC News – What happened to the Communist Party of Great Britain’s millions?

A fascinating article on the missing funds of the communist party of Britain. Swelled by Russian gold and hit by poor investments in the capitalist system, this article explores the issue in detail

BBC News – What happened to the Communist Party of Great Britain’s millions?.

via BBC News – What happened to the Communist Party of Great Britain’s millions?.


2 responses to “BBC News – What happened to the Communist Party of Great Britain’s millions?

  1. Thanks for posting the article Jardin.

    At present I am re-reading Peter Wright’s excellent book SPYCATCHER which I highly recommend to anyone interested in Cold War espionage and counter-espionage. Of course I read it in 1987 almost literally as the ink dried, when it was first published. This was before some censoring was done in subsequent editions of the book.
    In any event, there are two stories of which you may be aware with regards to the financing of the former CPGB location in question.

    One story goes like this; The communist party/Russian intelligence apparatus smuggled the necessary funds into the UK in 1976 without anyone in the West knowing so that the CPGB’s could portray themselves as astute business-people well and able to afford that particular location.
    The other story is that a Western spy happened to be in the former USSR on official business in that era, and in exchange for boatloads of information useful to Western intelligence, the Western spy smuggled the money into the UK for the Soviets, to allow them to afford a reasonable headquarters – because they were NOT astute business-people and couldn’t come up with the money themselves.

    I think that both stories are basically true. The Russian’s DID smuggle the money in to be able to afford the desired headquarters location, as the CPGB’s could not raise the money themselves (likely on account of interference from Western agencies – it was the Cold War, after all) AND a Western agent DID participate in smuggling into the UK (effectively the same amount of money as the Russian’s smuggled in earlier) in exchange for tons of information about KGB tactics.
    The Russians figured that if questionable financing ever came up in the media, they could easily go public with their story of the Western agent who assisted them to move the same amount of money in an attempt to compromise Western agencies by embarrassing a Western agent or at least indulge in some obfuscation in the media.

    I think MI5 knew the plot inside-out, even as it was being planned in something pretty close to real-time prior to ANY money moving anywhere.

    It was great to remember this old and fascinating story Jardin – thanks for posting it.

    Cheers! JBS

    • Thanks JBS

      Totally agree about the book Spycatcher. Read it a few years ago, its un-put-downable.

      Intrigued to know if its true or not…..

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